Ferry Farm - Historic Landmark

The Rappahannock River Ferry Farm, designated a National Historic Landmark in 2000, lies just across the scenic Rappahannock River from the historic town of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

As stewards of a stretch of land bordered by the river (a major tributary of the Chesapeake Bay), The George Washington Foundation affirms its commitment to restoring the site’s ecology where compromised, and to protect and celebrate its natural resources. Nestled in its urban setting, Ferry Farm abounds with wildlife including deer, wild turkeys, foxes, and rabbits. Hundreds of bird species, including bald eagles, inhabit its meadows, woods, and the river. Tranquil spots are available for visitors to watch the river or just sit and contemplate all that has transpired here.

Little girl playing nine pinsThe education staff at Ferry Farm provides programming that enhances public understanding of George Washington, American history, and the natural environment. Through a variety of workshops and events, visitors to the farm imagine a simpler time; a time when this country was still a colony and our early heroes were developing the character and courage they would need later; a time when being a child was often hard work, and play was dependent upon an active imagination; a time when currency was counted in acres and lives were pledged to establishing a new world.

Archaeologists have completed a large-scale excavation of a building from the period of 1710 to 1725, believed to be the first house on the property. Digs continue to expose artifacts that tell us more and more about the Washington family and their farm by the river. In 2008, the long search for the site of the Washington house came to an end when the announcement of the find was made on July 2nd.

As caretaker of Ferry Farm, The George Washington Foundation has taken on an awesome responsibility. Not only must the land itself be preserved, but so must the soul of this special place that embraced the childhood of the Father of Our Country. Your help is needed to continue this great work. Please consider making a gift to the Foundation today.