Corner Table

Corner Table
Black walnut and yellow pine
Southeastern Virginia
ca. 1750-1760
The elimination of all superfluous ornaments on this walnut corner table achieved the "plain, but neat" look particularly in demand with customers from Virginia. Many of the table's features – straight tapering legs with pad feet, and a simple molded edge along the top – are stylistically similar to the Virginia-made dining table in the collection.

With its leaf down, the table fits neatly into the corner of a room. With its leaf up, it offers a surface for playing cards, drinking tea, or perhaps dining. Originally, the table had a hinging system for the top to allow and direct access into the well of the table for the storage of playing cards and other items.

According to his 1782 probate inventory, Colonel Lewis had a corner table in his Drawing Room.

In 2005, Norm Abram, of the New Yankee Workshop television show, visited Kenmore to measure this table so he could build a replica.